Grow you AudienceOrganicallyEfficientlyLegitimatelyEffortlessly


Grow you AudienceOrganicallyEfficientlyLegitimatelyEffortlessly

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Spotify Promotion

Starting at $29

Promote your music organically and be heard by new people! Our team works closely with a large network of playlist curators to secure the success of your campaign.

  • Organic Guaranteed Streams and Reach
  • Targeted Genre/Mood Audiences
  • Zero Bot Tolerance
  • Follow-Up of the Campaign


YouTube Promotion

Promote your video with our team of marketing experts that use Google Ads on YouTube to get you the views and engagement you deserve!

  • Organic Guaranteed Views and Engagement
  • Ads Targeted to High-Affinity Audiences
  • Zero Bot Tolerance
  • Follow-Up of the Campaign with final report

Best Sellers 🔥

YouTube Tester Pack

4.000 - 8.000 Views

Real Engagement


Spotify Intermediate Pack

15.000 - 25.000 Streams

Via Playlist Pitching


Spotify Starter Pack

3.000 - 5.000 Streams

Via Playlist Pitching


What our clients say about us...

Fast communication and delivered results as promised.

Very Happy with the results of the Spotify Package I got!

Will get one for my next release 100% too!

After the campaign ended, my song remained on some of the playlists for a long time!

Great attention and received more than I expected.

3rd release in a row I purchase their packages, never regretted since then.




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